Auto Interior Cleaning
 How often do you spill coffee on your way to work?  Or
you step in mud on the way to the car?  A lot of times
everyday life gets too busy to keep your car completely
clean.  We offer an intense thorough steam cleaning of your
vehicle upholstery and carpet.  We remove your front seats
so we can completely clean under and in between them.  
This allows us to clean your seats more intensely.  We treat
any stains and clean your floor mats.  Headliners can be
cleaned.  However, the headliner can only be bonnet
cleaned because steam can weaken the adhesive and make
your headliner loose.  This is a convenient service we offer
for all types of vehicles.  Prices range depending on the size
and the condition of the vehicles carpet and upholstery.  
Remember that over the counter products can set stains.  
Sometimes using over the counter products can make stains
impossible to remove.