House Cleaning
      Ferris Fine Cleaning is now offering residential maid services.  
We are offering our trained janitorial skills in the form of house
cleaning.  We offer a wide variety of services.  We offer move in
and move out clean ups.  This can include the wipe down and
cleaning of cabinets, cleaning bathrooms, dusting baseboards and
ceiling fans.  We can also steam clean your carpets and buff or mop
the floors.  Prices vary in these situations.  Therefore, an
appointment needs to be made for a free estimate to receive an
exact price.  Residential maid services are not limited to moving.  
We offer initial cleaning with a thorough house cleaning that offers
all the services listed below but are not limited to those services.  
The initial cleaning can sometimes cost a little more to get the
house thoroughly clean but if regular service is requested the
weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly service does not cost as much as the
initial service.  Maybe you only need your house cleaned once
thoroughly just to give you the jump start you need to keep your
house clean.  We are offering all these service for your convenience
and want to serve our clients as much as we can.  We are family
owned and operated and we take pride in keeping your house clean
and Your Family happy.
Vacuuming & sweeping
Interior Windows

other services upon request.