Mattress Cleaning
 Homeowners strive to live in a clean and healthy home.  Now we
offer you a mattress cleaning service that will help you maintain a
healthy living environment.  Mattresses are used daily but often get
neglected when it comes to cleaning.  The truth is that your mattresses
need cleaning just like your carpet and upholstery.  Mattresses are
exposed to everything from common accidents to everyday germs.  
This includes such germs as pet dander and the dead skin your body
sheds.  Many people don't realize that the average person sheds about
two pounds of dead skin a year.  Sixty percent of those dead cells get
lost on your mattress.  Over time dust mites will move into  your home
and onto your mattress.  Millions of these mites can live on your
mattress and pillows unless you do something to remove them.  These
mites eat the dead skin cells that your body sheds.  Unfortunately, the
human eye cannot see these mites.  Therefore, we offer a deep hot
water extraction that can remove most of these mites. Also, this
procedure can help remove other harmful germs and help people that
suffer from severe allergies.