Rug Cleaning
  Even though you might not have carpet, often you will have rugs.  Rugs can be an
essential part of your home.  Maybe you only have an ordinary area rug.  Or you
might have an oriental rug that is very precious to you.  Ferris Fine Cleaning can serve
all your rug cleaning needs.  It doesn't matter how big or how small the task, we can
handle it.  To clean a rug properly, the fibers need to be correctly identified.  Also, the
fibers need to be color tested to insure that there is no bleeding of dyes.  This process is
extremely important because an oriental rug can be ruined if it's improperly cleaned by
steam.  After identifying the method of cleaning, we will explain the procedure and its
cost.  Ferris Fine Cleaning offers an added convenience to you with our pick up and
delivery service.  This is usually a two to three day operation and it allows your rug to
thoroughly dry before returning it to your home.  It dosen't matter how big or small
the rug, Ferris Fine Cleaning ensures your happiness and cleanliness.